PROFESSIONAL: Unique MATCH and TRAINING ball indicated for Amateur Clubs
    OFFICIAL: Unique MATCH and TRAINING ball indicated for Professional Clubs

Enjoy the PATHOS, BOMBER, RAPTOR, collection !!!

FIFA / IMS: characteristics of certifiable balls

European Community: PRODUCT SAFETY for children under 14 years - GENERAL RULES

European Community: TOY SAFETY for children under 14 years - For our children to be protected as best as possible - BROCHURE

Since 2003, OMNIA INTERNATIONAL is tradition & innovation.
It defines and selects balls for sports use, offering quality items at the right price and service. Since the balls are also used by children under 14 years, all our products are CE conformity with the health and safety standards required by the European Community.

OMNIA INTERNATIONAL has established the trade marks PATHOS, BOMBER, RAPTOR, that want convey be the best product FOOTBALL and FUTSAL balls, thanks to the thirty-year and international experience of Mr. Paolo Battiston, one of the 7 technical experts in the world who has defined the current approved FIFA and IMS rules for football and futsal.

Philosophy: “ Train yourself with the MATCH ball !!! ".

The expert says: " usually it happens that while on training is used low quality ball at low cost that its cannot be approved, in the match is used more expensive ball with the right quality and approved.
As a result the sportsman is unprepared for these different products and therefore often makes a bad showing, so damaging the team's performance !
The ball used in training must have the same recognized characteristics as the race (circumference, weight, rebound, air retention), only less cost ! "

For OMNIA INTERNATIONAL exist only MATCH products in two recognized levels, the PROFESSIONAL base and the OFFICIAL top, with different price and durability, constructed with different materials and techniques, but all “match approved” and therefore equal in performance: